Roulette is a game known for a long time. It is one of the simplest and most popular games in a world of gaming. It consists of a wheel with field numbers from 0 to 36. This means that the payout is 1:36 or 1:35 depending on a roulette type. Not bad for a single spin. Every casino possesses a real money roulette table. They are attracting because they offer:

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  • Fast cash
  • Many winning possibilities
  • Multiple bets in a single round
  • Big payouts and bonus spins
  • Small, medium and high stakes

Online Roulette for Real Money Offer

In earlier days, land-based casino roulette tables were crowded, but that is not the case if a gamer decides to play roulette for real money online. It just a gambler and a dealer. Here are some of the biggest advantages when playing online roulette for real money:

  • The game will be much faster because a player doesn’t need to wait for other bettors to place their stakes. This means that betting will be more fluent without big pauses.
  • Online roulette with real money has many types of tables so every gamer can test his/her luck regardless of gamers gambling budget. Bettors can easily find a wheel with stakes starting from 1$. There are also ones with medium and high bets for more serious and experienced gamblers.
  • This is relatively easy game meaning that bettors can try it no matter of their previous experience. Luck is a big part of scoring here.

Inside and Outside Bets Placement

There are two types of bets in any roulette online for real money. A player can place inside and outside bets. The outside betting is something that is recommended for all new bettors who never played this game before. A player can set a bet on odd and even, red or black, first (1 to 12), second(13 to 24)and third(25 to 36) group of numbers and columns. These combinations will provide better scoring possibilities but slightly smaller payouts. The inside bets are suited for more experienced gamblers. Bets can be set anywhere on any number or line that connects several of them. Payouts are higher but it is harder to obtain a winning spin this way. There are many possible combos in the inside bets and it all depends on gambler’s betting strategy. Some gamers like to place their bets on 3-5 numbers and some like to cover more fields to enhance their odds.

Real Money Online Roulette Tips for Starters

Before placing any bets, gamers will have to finish few simple steps first. This is a game of luck but this doesn’t mean that implementing some sort of strategy won’t help. There are some things that every bettor can do to increase his/her odds in online roulette for real money. One of the first moves will be to find an online casino site with the best offer. Don’t rush it.

Many betting sites have different gambling conditions and promotions. If a player is new in a world of betting it’s not bad to check out a casino with some kind of free to play wheels. Many gaming platforms offer welcome packages and free boost cash.If a gambler is a fan of roulette online real money tables, find a casino with the best offer. The next step toward placing stakes is to create an account. This can be done from any device like a mobile, tablet or PC. To play online roulette real money a bettor will have to finish the registration process which is possible only for bettors above 18 years old. After the account is validated and approved by the casino staff, a player is ready to set his/her bets. There are few tips that every bettor should know:

  1. Don’t forget that the American and European roulette is not the same. The American version possesses the double zero. This means that a house will have a slightly bigger edge. So for beginners, it’s better to start with the European real money online roulette.
  2. This game offers multiple bet placement. A gambler can choose if he/she wants to set the wager on a random number, odd or even fields, black or red part, etc. For gamers new to this game, place the stakes on black or red for start. It is better to start slowly until a player learns all the possible combination in roulette for real money online.
  3. Learn all the possible betting combinations and know your odds. Smart moves and wagers could bring big real money prizes. Don’t just randomly set the stakes.
  4. Every roulette for real money has a history bar indicator with all numbers pulled out before. This is a simple observation game. See what number pops out more and create your own winning pattern. This indicator can help you to decide and create a new winning combination in most of the times.
  5. Connect your favorite device from home or any place that has a network coverage, lay back and gamble with ease. Gamers don’t have to go to the nearest gaming place to be able to play online roulette.
  6. Players can find all the winning and against winning odds on the internet so they can see what bets will provide them the biggest outcomes.

There is another way to improve the winning chances. Every online casino possesses a certain win rate. They all differ from site to site. If for example, the rate is 95%, this means that a house will pay 95$ for every 100$ which a bettor wagered. The rest of the money (5$) goes to the casino. The higher rate a casino offers, the bigger are the odds of scoring big cash amount if a gamer wants to play roulette online real money game.

Play for Fun or for Real Cash

Some online casinos offer free game tables where bettors can practice and create betting strategies. Every gamer can check them out. For more serious players there is a real cash version which can be tried in almost any online betting site.

They can be tested in two different ways. The first one is to download the software into the desired device. If a gambler doesn’t have a gadget that supports online roulette version, he/she can simply open any search engine like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla and other and play directly. There is just one important requirement. Gamblers need to connect to the internet connection and then a game can start. Online roulette real money with no deposit needed is another way to get started. Some casinos offer this promotion for their new members who created the account for the first time.

This no deposit cash has a wagering requirement that needs to be fulfilled, so be sure to check all the terms and conditions before you start betting. This is very useful for all players who never played online roulette game before. Many gaming sites offer a live dealer tables which are more and more popular every day. Possibilities in this game are very wide. Track the hot numbers which appear more often and set your bets to win big.